Protection, Risk Management & Investigation Services with Confidence & Pride


Chameleon Security Private Investigation Services consist of a team of Private Investigators who explore all options to get positive results. Our team specializes in:

  • Surveillance
  • Investigations
  • Asset searches
  • Skip tracing
  • Criminal defense investigations
  • Civil process service
  • Witness statements
  • Interviews
  • Office sweeps/debugging investigations
  • Worker’s compensation investigations
  • Pre-employment background investigations
  • Tenant screening
  • Security consulting.

We conduct investigations on behalf of Federal, State and County Governmental Agencies, Law Firms, Major Corporations and Insurance companies.

Chameleon Security Group is licensed and insured in the state of Florida and have working partnerships with investigators throughout the United States. We also have associates based in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, over 20 other Caribbean Territories, Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition, our close working relationship with Interpol and various law enforcement agencies gives our Investigative team the ability to access information on anyone, anywhere in the world.

Background Investigations

The foundation of our criminal justice system is “innocent until proven guilty”. Our system requires that guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is proved to ensure that the innocent are not wrongly convicted. It is legally enforceable that the same resources that are available to the defense are also provided to the prosecution. Unfortunately, our current system often does not provide the money and expertise necessary for the best defense possible. Chameleon Investigators are highly trained at uncovering information that may help to protect you.

The majority of all cases investigated by Chameleon Investigators involve civil lawsuits. Our investigators are highly experienced in preparing a civil case for settlement or trial. Whether the plaintiff or defense contracts our agency, we understand the need to document the events, identify the potentially liable parties, and assess the damages. Chameleon Investigators are experienced in working with the litigating law firm in preparing the case for trial. Our staff of investigators will work with the trial attorney to thoroughly cover all issues and evidence. We provide testimony pertaining to photographs, videotape, diagrams, documents, and witness rebuttal.

Chameleon Investigators utilizes state of the art technology to provide high quality photographic and video documentation evidence. Specialized vehicles, covert cameras with night vision capabilities, allow our investigative team to effectively perform their roles with the utmost professionalism. Creativity and perseverance are used to define our surveillance teams.

Because competitors will often take extraordinary steps to find out what developments or business strategies you or your organization has in the pipeline, the need for electronic debugging is fast becoming a must for any business. With the help of the internet, it has become easy and affordable to purchase and install bugs and other listening devices.

Chameleon Security Group utilizes the latest state of the art debugging equipment to detect and counter any eavesdropping devices in any hidden locations from corporate offices to boardrooms and residences.

Skip Tracing

The Skip Tracing service is utilized, on a daily basis, by our clients to locate individuals and/or businesses for a variety of reasons including collections, child support, and witness/defendant matters.

We offer two levels of tracing depending on the case specifics and/or volume of cases submitted. The majority of Skip Traces fall under a Level I Criteria, which guarantees discovering the location of the subject. There is no charge or fee to you if this is not accomplished.

Complicated or advanced locations are conducted under our Level II program. In addition, our proprietary computer data base and source searches, a field investigator is assigned to “work the streets” to collect information which then converted into intelligence in locating our subjects.

Asset Search

Chameleon security uses experience and skilled Private Investigators who specialize in the location and recovery of personal and corporate assets nationally and internationally. Asset search investigation services include:

  • Bank accounts
  • Employment or source of income
  • Hidden assets
  • Intellectual property
  • International assets
  • Mutual Funds
  • Real/personal property
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Trust accounts

Through a network of licensed private investigators and private detectives, Chameleon Security upon request will perform a thorough asset check on individuals and businesses.

Our network of private investigators and private detectives will provide you with the crucial information you need to make an educated decision.

A skilled private investigator or private detective who specializes in Asset Searches is able to search for – and find- all of that information that an opposing party may have tried so hard to remain “under the radar.” highly trained investigators who have dedicated their entire careers will search high and low, leaving absolutely “no stone un-turned” until you have learned about every asset that the person in question has. Secret bank accounts, offshore accounts, real estate property, intellectual properties, stock holdings, bonds, and even unclaimed property…all of these will be found and reported to you by the private investigator. If hidden assets are out there, they will be found.

Process Serving

We are expeditious, dependable, and committed to obtaining proper and prompt service. With backgrounds in law enforcement, we are well suited for the leg work required to locate and serve your legal documents.

Our legal documents include:

  • Summons and complaints
  • Subpoenas
  • Petition for dissolution of marriage
  • Citation to discover assets
  • Landlord’s 5 day notice

Undercover Investigators

Many cases require the use of undercover operatives to bring a matter to conclusion. We utilize undercover and discreet investigative methods to solve all of your cases. Our investigative personnel are comfortable assuming a number of different roles to find the evidence necessary to resolve the problem.

Our training in the law enforcement sector gives us a wealth of knowledge and experience in coordinating an undercover or intelligence gathering assignment. Undercover or discreet investigative techniques are often utilized to resolve matters such as theft, embezzlement, copyright or trademark infringement, fraud, drug use, and, safety issues for injury or death.

Our experienced surveillance investigators utilize state of the art technology to provide high-quality photographic and video (including night shots) documentation and resulting evidence.