Protection, Risk Management & Investigation Services with Confidence & Pride

Chameleon Security Group is based on front line customer service for special events and entertainment risk management services. We specialize in the following areas:

  • Event staffing
  • Security
  • Risk management

We have the ability to provide comprehensive safety programs that focuses on both personal and venue safety concerns of each client. We will develop the overall safety plan by listening and learning about every safety concern of each client and work closely with production, local venue management , security, emergency services, local law enforcement, and promoter for each individual event.

Staffing Services

Chameleon Security Group works with the facility manager, promoter and/or show manager to develop a crowd management program to maximize safety and mitigate risk to performers and event attendees. Each event program is designed to incorporate the specific needs of each client, artist and attraction requirements, public safety, and venue policies; while being mindful of the clients overall budget.

Chameleon Security Group event staff is required to receive a minimum of four (4) hours of “classroom-style” structured training based on an employee training manual and video presentation. This training includes, but is not limited to, familiarization with seating, building policies, complaint procedures, pedestrian and vehicular trafficking and guest accommodation locations.Chameleon Security Group provides event staff services for the following:

  • General crowd control & management
  • Uniformed/ unarmed security enforcement
  • Off-duty local law enforcement officers


When planning a special event or gathering, the overall outcome of the event can greatly be affected by having a reputable service to insure the safety and well-being of the guests that may be in attendance. Large upscale weddings, corporate meetings and other social gathers that are noteworthy of media attention should have a professional special events security service in place.

We have highly trained professionals on our staff that has expert skills and experience in areas such as situation assessment, surveillance, crowd control, emergency evacuation procedures and interception techniques. With the increased security concerns over terrorism within the nation, these reputable security professionals have also obtained certifiable training in handling terrorist style threats and attacks to be able to handle these rare situations as well.

So before you make the final plans for your large corporate meetings, public forums or even your annual company Christmas party, learn how our company can provide special events security services for you. We are always glad to take the time to discuss how our security measures would be beneficial to your important affair. You will see that our security measures are discreet and can be implemented with a very minimal amount of inconvenience to your guests. You will also see that our services are very affordable and can fit into any budget that you may need to work around.

Crowd Management Assessment

At Chameleon Security Group we pay close attention to the logistics that could make or break your event. Public safety is the underlining criteria for each plan. Each plan incorporates the characteristics of the facility, size and cultural nuances of the audience, methods of ingress and egress, and communication.

Chameleon Security Group recognizes that social messages that an audience receives at an event whether consciously or unconsciously can escalate or de-escalate a patron’s emotion and subsequently influence their behavior. CSG is mindful to promote and attitude that says ” We are here to be a part of the solution and not become a part of a problem” The general attitude of the facility staff and of the interior and exterior security personnel is friendly and inviting at the same time communicating a low tolerance for anyone that contributes to an unsafe environment.