Protection, Risk Management & Investigation Services with Confidence & Pride

The private security industry is a crucial component of security and safety in the United States and abroad. Today, private security is responsible not only for protecting many of the nation‘s institutions and critical infrastructure systems, but also for protecting intellectual property and sensitive corporate information. Corporations also rely heavily on private security for a wide range of functions, including protecting employees, property, conducting investigations, performing pre-employment screening and information technology security.

Chameleon Security Risk Management Services provides a a pro active security plan that emphasizes security for people first.

Federal, State & City Security Assessment
Global economic changes have increased the importance of quality security. Security services have become a vital commodity to Governments, Corporations, CEOs and private individuals who seek to protect their global exposure.

The Federal Government is the largest consumer of private security and risk management. Chameleon Security Group created the Federal Contracting Services product to market our full-service security solutions directly to the Federal Government. It is our mission to provide the Federal Government with a cost-effective array of security solutions. These services include:

  • Homeland security elements
  • Political personnel protection
  • Federal Government facilities protection

City and State government entities face similar challenges as their Federal counterparts. Each branch of the government is charged with the fiscal, social and safety of their constituent. Security has become a primary concern just behind low taxes and subsequently he security budget line item for each agency continues to grow.

Corporate Risk Management & Disaster Management Planning
While absolute security can never be guaranteed, threats and their associated risks can be mitigated and vulnerabilities can be significantly reduced once identified and thoroughly assessed. Chameleon Security Group conducts a formalized security risk assessment which is
instrumental in the identification of potential harm, loss or damage to personnel, assets or processes.

Chameleon Security Group assess the security and operations of each client and determine the risk level of undesirable events that may affect personnel, assets, and operations. CSG solution plans provide guidance on the implementation of the plan in the form of specific mitigation strategies and measurement tools.

International Risk Management

International Risk Management is the identification; assessment and prioritization of risk on an international level and by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities.

Risks can come from uncertainty, developments, legal liabilities, deliberate attack from an adversary, or events of uncertain or unpredictable sources.

The strategies to manage risk typically include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect or probability of the risk, or even accepting some or all of the potential or actual consequences of a particular risk.

With increase Security breaches, kidnapping, acts of vandalism and terrorism, International risk management should be paramount for every cooperate organization, CEO’s and businesses for their continued success and profitability

The staff at Chameleon Security Group will seek to:

  • Identify, characterize, and assess risk and threats
  • Assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific risk and threats
  • Determine the risk (i.e. the expected likelihood and consequences of specific types of attacks on specific assets)
  • Identify ways to reduce those risks

Prioritize risk reduction measures based on a strategy, that our clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they are secure with confidence and pride.