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Financial Services

With Vigo you can send money to 200+ countries and territories.

Send Money
Send money direct to a bank account or for cash pick up.
Ask about our fees & exchange rates.

Pay Bills
Pay your utility, telephone, auto bill payments and more at a participating Vigo agent location.

Buy Money Orders- COMING SOON!!
Money orders provide customers a convenient way to make payments, simply by signing and sending.

Send to a JN Money Card

  • Visit location. with funds to be sent and recipient information.
  • Send money. by providing funds, fees & recipient information to teller/agent.
  • Collect receipt.

Send Money to all Financial Institutions including Credit Unions in Jamaica

  • Send funds to accounts at any financial institution in Jamaica.
  • It will reach the account within 3-5 business days.

Mobile Top-Up

  • Do you know someone that needs a top-up? You can send family and friends credit to their mobile phones and stay connected.

Pay Bills in Jamaica

  • You have the option to pay over 30 billers in Jamaica. Such as JPS, FLOW, LIME and DIGICEL just to name a few.

Send Money for Cash Pick – Up

  • Send money to friends and family in Jamaica. Funds can be collected in minutes from any one of our convenient locations

Easy for you and easy for them. Send money in minutes and save time and stamps. Pay bills here with same day or next day posting. There are over 8,000 billers. Phone, Cable, Gas and Credit Cards. Ria is Fast, Safe & Guaranteed.

With a worldwide network of 507,000 locations in 160 countries, we continue to make the world a smaller place by closing distances between families and their loved ones through world-class money transfers. We also offer bill payment, mobile top-ups, prepaid debit cards, check cashing, and money orders. With every service that we provide, we work hard to provide the most positive experience possible.

There are more than 200 countries and territories you can send to using MoneyGram. 
MoneyGram allows you to send money directly to a bank account or mobile wallet in 
select countries, from the United States
We are more than just money transfers. We offer bill payment services with same-day,
* Next-day* and two- or three-day* options.
MoneyGram has over 13,000 companies that you can pay. You can make the following payments at MoneyGram:
Auto Finance
Cable and Satellite
Child Support Services
Credit Card (agent location only)
Health Care
Mobile Phone Top-up
Phone Bill
Prepaid Cards (agent location only)
Tolls and Taxes
Utility Bills – electric, gas, sewer, water


*Timing of posting of payment by biller is subject to biller acceptance of payment, cutoff times and operating hours, which vary by biller.